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How to implement a CRM system in an affordable way

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With the current low interest rates, you'd think it would be the perfect time to finance investments in new technology. But banks and other traditional institutions are being particularly cautious these days, and even if they understand your need for hardware and software, they are usually unwilling to finance the human expertise needed to make it all work efficiently.

That's where Total Solution Financing from Microsoft Capital Corporation comes in. They make sure that you get everything you need to give your business the edge it needs. From software and hardware, to implementation and services, TSF covers all of the costs associated with Microsoft CRM implementations. Who says good things only come to those who wait?


With the Total Solution Financing programme no deposit is required and your affordable repayments will be spread over a convenient period of 2 to 5 years, with a very competitive fixed interest rate for easy budgeting. The simple documentation makes administration very straightforward.

Microsoft tailor their finance packages to suit each customer’s individual requirements. With options ranging from 1,000 up to multi-million pound leases and loans, there is a solution for every company - from small and medium sized businesses to large companies and major corporations.


Now with Total Solution Financing, you can get everything you need right now, turn a "cash-up-front" investment into affordable monthly payments, and still maintain your cash reserves. Perhaps best of all, we understand your needs and we understand the details of your particular project. And that saves you time because your don't have to explain everything again to a third party who may not be able to see the big picture.


Once you decide to invest in Microsoft CRM, simply ask us for an application form. If your company meets our credit-approval guidelines - and most of our customers do - we'll work with you to provide the financing you need from Microsoft Capital Corporation.

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Finance offered is subject to detailed terms and conditions and approval by Microsoft Total Solutions Financing