Postcode Look-up

CABC are able to provide several solutions for enabling entry and checking of addressing information using the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF).

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Postcode look-ups

Why Postcode Look-up?

Postcode integration enables accurate and complete address information to be captured onto a record with a lower time overhead. Benefits include:

  • Fast and accurate data capture.
  • Validation of data entry.
  • Greater efficiency through reduced data entry time.

    Below are some examples of existing postcode integration that exist for Microsoft® CRM. If you would like any further information, contact us.


  • Quick Address from QAS

    QuickAddress for Microsoft® CRM, developed by QAS, is a Microsoft Certified address data entry and cleansing tool. QuickAddress requires minimal address information to search for and return a full and valid address record directly into the selected Microsoft page. It has been designed to integrate into Microsoft® CRM Sales and Microsoft® CRM Customer Services modules at touch points where address capture functionality is available.


    Atlas from Hopewiser

    Atlas is the complete address capture tool for Microsoft® CRM. It allows the operative to retrieve an accurate and complete address from a postcode or partial address, and place it directly into Microsoft® CRM. Atlas for Microsoft® CRM supports both the UK PAF and International Postal Authority datasets. The flexible architecture also enables support of various alternative domestic address files, e.g. the Land and Property Gazetteer.

    Atlas for Microsoft® CRM provides an easy method of capturing addresses from only a postcode and premise number or name, or from an incomplete address that may exclude a postcode. This greatly speeds up the process of keying name and addresses into Microsoft® CRM while at the same time ensuring accurate address information is captured.

    Read more about the Atlas Postcode integration for Microsoft CRM