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This is a library of interesting brochures and fact sheets about Microsoft CRM.   This library is updated as new literature becomes available so please drop back!


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Introduction to Microsoft CRM
If you would like a first introduction to Microsoft CRM, why not have a look at the CRM brochure, 'Its about customers', which is still a good first introduction. It was written for Microsoft CRM 1.2

Download - Its about Customers (1.5MB)

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Fact-Sheets

Microsoft CRM 4.0 What's New Summary (2 Page)
Microsoft CRM 4.0 Better Together (With Office and other Microsoft Products)
Microsoft CRM 4.0 Data Sheet
Microsoft CRM 4.0 for Customer Service

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Top 60 New Features

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Fact-sheets

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Overview

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Professional Datasheet
Microsoft CRM 3.0 Small Business Server Edition Datasheet
Microsoft CRM 3.0 for Sales information sheet
Microsoft CRM 3.0 for Service information sheet
Microsoft CRM 3.0 for Marketing information sheet
Microsoft CRM 3.0 10 good reason for Smaller Businesses

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Minimum Technical Requirements

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Reviewers Guide

Older Microsoft CRM Overview Factsheets (1.2)

Microsoft CRM - Sales
Microsoft CRM - Customer Service
Microsoft CRM - Customisation
Microsoft CRM - Integration
Microsoft CRM - Mobile

CRM Showcase Scenarios
Integrated innovation holds the promise of multiple systems operating as one. This guide includes a collection of scenarios, each offering an example of how Microsoft Business Solutions CRM can connect with other Microsoft products to help businesses spend less time on tools and more time interacting with customers.

Download - Showcase Scenarios (2MB)

1.2 CRM Reviewers Guide
The goal of this guide is to assist you in your evaluation of Microsoft CRM. It is primarily designed for technical product reviewers who evaluate new technologies and business solutions designed to help organisations address important challenges related to the use, implementation and adoption of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Other readers who will find this guide of interest include: Business Decision Makers, IT/IS Managers, Sales & Marketing Managers and Customer Service Managers. If you find the reviewers guide is too detailed for your first introduction, why not have a look at the CRM brochure 'Its about customers' which is a great first introduction.

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Download The 1.2 CRM Reviewers Guide (5MB)