CABC Quick Call

Making and receiving phone call is a major part of the activity of every Sales and Customer Service representative. Now CABC have made the job of recording the call in Microsoft CRM as few as three clicks!

CABC's Quick Call utility is available on every Contact and Lead form.

1. Click Quick Call from the menu of the Contact or Lead.

2. Click the outcome of the Call.

3. Click OK to save the Call.



Of course you can highlight the phone number you called and add notes to the call as needed. However, three clicks is the minimum you need to show the call attempt on the contact's record. Quick Call creates a Phone Activity in Microsoft CRM containing all of the notes and closes the activity.

The subject of the activities makes reading the client history easier too!

For more information about how to get Quick Call for your system phone CABC on 01635 570970 or visit