CABC Marketing Manager

Configure and execute bulk HTML email marketing campaigns directly from your Microsoft CRM system with full reporting and activity tracking.

Enables a faster response by your sales team
The software supports eMarketing response tracking and will create direct follow-up activities for each salesperson, it is the fastest way to generate new leads and place them directly in the task lists of your team.

Helps you Implement Data Protection Act
The eMarketing Manager takes full account of a contacts DPA (do not email) preferences and will automatically handle unsubscribe requests saving you time and keeping a record of the source of a change in emailing preferences.

Has no per-email usage charges
The CABC application is fully integrated within Microsoft CRM and email is sent via your own Microsoft Exchange server. The application is licenced on a per server basis and CABC make no per email usage charges.
Licencing is based on Microsoft CRM server size Small (<10 users) Medium (<50 users) or Large (over 50 users)

Extensive response tracking capabilities
With the CABC eMarketing Campaign Manager for Microsoft CRM the activities of your recipients are fully tracked and automatically fed back into Microsoft CRM.

This product is compatible with Microsoft CRM 1.2 and 3.0

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