CABC iQuote

Create quotes that you can send to your customers, using CABC iQuote.

Microsoft CRM 1.2 does not provide a method of creating a formatted Quote that can be sent to customers "Out of the box". That's why CABC has created iQuote, an integration between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Office InfoPath. In Microsoft CRM 3.0 there is a link to Word.  However, we believe due to its ease of use our iQuote solution is still a strong contender for the best way to format quotations from Microsoft CRM.

From the click of a button on a Quote in Microsoft CRM, you can view your Quote in Microsoft Office InfoPath instantly, allowing the user to create professional looking quotes to send to their customers.

InfoPath is a powerful XML form solution that allows data to be easily captured and validated against business rules. Because the data is stored as XML business information can be shared, reused and repurposed across the organisation - not left trapped in disparate, incompatible systems.



View the Rolling Demo here (shown working in 1.2 also works in 3.0)
Learn more about Microsoft InfoPath here