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c360 Inc are the leading developers of add-on products that extend the functionality of Microsoft CRM. Their products are in use at almost half of all Microsoft CRM installations worldwide. We have found the Core Productivity Pack so useful that we recommend it is installed on most Microsoft CRM systems.

CABC are a c360 Business Partner and are able to offer these products with the added reassurance that we have the in-house expertise and backup support from the manufacturer.


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Core Productivity Pack

The Core Productivity Pack adds a set of indispensable features, many of which are required on every system. These features help users to view information in effective ways and to quickly locate records within the CRM system.  In addition features such as Alerts and the Email Link enable easier communication of important customer related messages between your staff.

Summary of Core Productivity Pack components:

Console - Allow users to customise their workspace with data that is important to them.
Duplicate Detection - Intelligently determine where duplicates exists.
Multi-Field Search - Search across multiple fields for multiple records simultaneously.
Summary - View a chronological roll-up of activities, notes and CRM records.
Alerts - Create alerts on CRM records to notify other users of important information.
Email Link - Quickly send a link to a CRM record by email with a single click.
Relationship Explorer - Create unlimited, relationship-defined links between CRM records.


Sales Productivity Pack

The Sales Productivity Pack adds Sales Module specific functionality that enhances the user environment.

Summary of Sales Productivity Pack components:

Forecast Manager - Simplify the process of reviewing and updating sales opportunity forecast information.
Web Connect
- Capture data from multiple website forms to CRM Leads and Activity records.


Service Productivity Pack

The Service Productivity Pack adds Service Module specific functionality that enhances the user environment.

Summary of Service Productivity Pack components:

Email To Case - Convert emails sent to specific addresses straight into Customer Service Cases.
My Workplace - Allow users to customise their workspace.


This product allows the selective auditing of changes made to fields of data in your CRM application.  With the administrators review tool you can browse the changes that have been made to your database and track down when and who altered a field last.

c360 Audit Tool Fact sheet

Field Level Security

The c360 Field level security product extends the standard Microsoft CRM security model and allows you to create restrictions on user access to individual fields of information within your database. 

c360 Field Level Security Fact sheet.


Customer Portal
The customer portal is a sophisticated web self service system suitable for larger companies who need to offer their clients instant web based updates on service incidents and access to other corporate resources.  This product also requires a Microsoft CRM External Connector Licence.

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