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Welcome to our Book Room.   In here you'll find our library of useful books with an accent on those for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and CRM Professionals...
Not forgetting of course a few for techie's who like to get their hands really grubby!

Our suggested reading is based on books we've found useful and we've added a few comments about each of them. If you fancy buying a copy you'll get a great price if you follow the buy link to  Unless otherwise indicated, comments on books in the Book Room were compiled by, and are the personal opinions of Ian Wallace BSc MBA  - Managing Director of CABC.

The Book Shelves

Click on the Shelf Below to see what we've put on it.  Some of these shelves (like any new bookcase) are empty and we will be adding books in the future.

Our Featured Book


Using Microsoft CRM

While this book was written for Microsoft CRM 1.2 it is still the best book available if you want to learn about Microsoft CRM.  The author John Gravley, works for the leading Microsoft CRM Add-on Manufacturer c360 who products are also available from us.  John has a very close working relationship with Microsoft and his insight and understanding of the product make this an excellent book.