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Microsoft CRM Works the way your IT team wants it to by building on the Microsoft IT infrastructure already supporting your business.  Microsoft CRM integrates powerfully with Microsoft Outlook and your Microsoft Exchange server and for smaller users is a Natural addition to a Small Business Server environment.


Builds on the power of SQL Server Reporting Services to create insightful business reports. The SQL Server Reporting Services engine is a powerful analytical tool for business. The Microsoft CRM 3.0 embedded reporting engine integrates smoothly with Microsoft SQL Server to generate compelling data reports for business decision makers.

Microsoft CRM integrates easily with SharePoint and Business Balanced Scorecard to provide executive information using the technologies already in use for information sharing within your business.


Microsoft CRM integrates with your existing systems to help break down information silos. Microsoft CRM 3.0 harnesses the power of Web services through the Microsoft .NET Framework. This latest generation of Microsoft technology enables businesses to connect isolated, legacy business systems and applications.

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