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National Business Link Consultants Register


CABC are pleased to be a registered company on the National Business Link Consultants Register this means that if your are planning to use Business Link grant to fund your CRM project CABC are a qualified partner with which you can implement the project and receive your grant funding!

About the NBLCR Register

The register is a centralised database of consultants, who have met national performance standards.  It contains details of hundreds of generalist and specialist consultants detailing their areas of expertise; geographical area of operations; industrial sector or cluster experience; and experience with market segments.

Business Links are also able to search the database to select appropriate consultants for their customer .  It is designed to help Business Link Operators offer their customer a choice of appropriate quality assured consultants to meet any needs identified.

As a part of the accreditation process a company must satisfy the assessment body of its appropriateness for inclusion which is assessed on a number of criteria which include:

  • Client case studies
  • Adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance  
  • Professional Memberships
  • Professional Development Plans
  • The NBLCR application