Microsoft CRM as a Hosted Solution

Are you looking for a way to reduce the initial cost of your CRM project?  Would you like to avoid having to manage and backup your system?  A hosted solution could be they answer you're looking for.

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CABC are delighted to be able to offer Hosted Microsoft CRM as an alternative to implementations on your own hardware and within your own premises.  There can be significant benefits.  With this solution you will be sharing hardware resources with other hosting users enabling us to offer you the lowest cost of ownership.

You can pay monthly for your CRM infrastructure enabling your business balance sheet to benefit.  Other benefits of a hosted solution include:

  • Resilience - With multiple high bandwidth connections to the server sites,  access to your CRM system is more resilient than than most companies could afford to provide for themselves.
  • Lower IT Management overhead.  - With your server and application managed in our hosting environment is will be less of a demand on you IT manager time.
  • Agreed Service Levels - You will know exactly what level of service you will receive.
  • Scalable - Your system can grow with the hosted environment with less disruption to your business.
  • Combined with our telephone support service  - We can undertake both the operational and day to day admin of your CRM system for you.
  • Backed-up - We ensure your data is protected, with our Managed Backup Services.
  • Ideal for virtual teams - Many modern companies have a virtual team structure with staff widely distributed and no permanent head office.  A hosted solution is the ideal way to provide the IT infrastructure your company needs.


Hosted Microsoft CRM

Co-located fully hosted Microsoft CRM solutions using a shared hardware infrastructure will be available in the near future.  We expect these solutions to become more popular in the future as they will allow better sharing of infrastructure costs while maintaining almost all the other benefits of a dedicated solution.

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Include other key services in your hosting package.

In addition to Microsoft CRM we can also provide you with solutions which include a complete suite of applications. These include fully hosted Microsoft Exchange/Outlook email systems and Microsoft SharePoint environments. These applications enable us to provide you with a complete office software platform, idea for modern virtual businesses.  Why not ask us for further details?


CABC Hosted Microsoft CRM solutions are provided in association with an established hosting specialist.  We apply our CRM expertise to help you implement your solution, they provide the platform for its operation.  You get a great hosted CRM solution!