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CABC can answer all your questions about Microsoft CRM and give you the  'best advice' on which CRM product is most suitable for your business.

After over 10 years dedicated to Maximizer it was not an easy decision for CABC to become a Microsoft CRM partner as well.  We had to take a long look at the issues, after all Maximizer is a good application, so what makes Microsoft CRM so different?

In the end we feel it comes down to some key points; Maximizer is still a good solution for many companies.    However, Microsoft CRM offers these things that are different:

  • You don't have to have to come out of the Office application you are using to use Microsoft CRM.  Its there inside Outlook, Word and Excel just where you need it.
  • Its web style forms are very easy to learn, which helps with user adoption.  Users love the look and feel of Microsoft CRM.
  • It can reach very deeply into your business processes.  Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Product Lists, Contracts are all a standard part of Microsoft CRM's data Model.
  • It incorporates extensive Marketing tools with strong ROI and lead tracking.
  • It contains unique facilities for Field Service teams.
  • It's very easy for us to extend the data model to fit your business exactly.  Microsoft CRM also has powerful built in workflow capabilities to save your team time.
  •'s from Microsoft!  Today Microsoft CRM is the fastest growing new CRM product in the Market already adopted by over 6,000 organisations and 150,000 users worldwide.

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CABC have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2000 and we have invested heavily in Microsoft CRM skills since before the UK product launch in January 2004.  Internally we now run both systems and have integrated them together.  Maximizer Business is handled in Maximizer, Microsoft CRM business in Microsoft CRM.   As always, we use and rely on the products we sell, this helps ensure we know them really well and can apply the knowledge for your benefit.

As you might expect of CABC we have uniquely applied our technical skills and CRM experience to Microsoft CRM and believe that we are now one of the most capable Microsoft CRM partners you could choose.

If you decide to change your CRM to Microsoft's product, stay with CABC as your CRM partner, we already understand your present system and we even have available a data conversion to help move your database from Maximizer.


Why not browse this site dedicated to our Microsoft CRM business to learn more and see how far we've come with Microsoft CRM.  Our Microsoft CRM sales specialists will be very happy to discuss any questions you may have, just call them on 01635 570970.

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