Customisation and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

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This course covers how to configure and customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet your business requirements. Training will cover organizational settings, organizational structure, users, teams, security, multilingual user interface, and currency exchange rates to meet your business requirements. Also be shown how to use the application's built-in customization tools to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface components and databases components such as forms, views, entities, attributes, relationships and mappings.

Target Audience
This course is intended for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Consultants and System Administrators and Customizers who will configure the application's organizational settings and customize the application using its built-in customization tools. The course is not intended for developers who customize the application using Web development, JavaScript (JScript), DHTML and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.


Before attending this course, students must have:

A working Knowledge of how to use Microsoft CRM 4.0.

It is recommended, but not required, that students have completed Microsoft CRM 4.0 applications training. In addition, it is recommended,  that students have a basic understanding of:

- Relational Databases functionality
- Microsoft SQL Server

Skills After completing this course students should understand:
  • Configure a company's organisational structure
  • Add user accounts
  • Create and maintain security roles
  • Create teams of users
  • Create and configure multiple organizations within one implementation
  • Configure system settings, currency exchange rates, and multilingual user interface language packs
  • Import and export customizations
  • Customize forms and views
  • Customize database entities and attributes
  • Customize entity relationships and mappings
  • Identify areas where advanced customization functionality can be implemented.