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Employing the services of CABC's consultancy team offers you the most effective way to accelerate your CRM project and realise the vision for your business.  Our team of experienced CRM consultants will work with you at each stage of your project to supply the expert skills and assistance that you will need to implement your CRM project.

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CABC CRM consultants can help you from the very start of a project when you are just thinking about what it is that you need to achieve, through to the training of your staff and the ongoing support of your system when it is fully operational.

We will always try to match the services we provide on a particular project to your particular needs.  We work with your staff to complement them and provide those elements of your project where using a CABC consultant is the most effective way to get the job done.

In addition to the consultants in our permanent in-house team CABC also work with a small panel of independent Sales and Marketing process consultancies who can provide advice to help your organisation to improve the way your business sells and markets its services.

Delivering Your Project
At the start of a project our consultants will work closely with you to understand the way your business works.  They will identify and agree with you the scope of your project.  Normally this will result in a formal project initiation document setting out clearly the project scope, objectives and an outline project plan.  This document is the 'route-map' for your project and our team is structured to deliver services at each stage of your implementation from the initial designing and building your system through to training of your staff and the operational support.

CABC are Microsoft Certified CRM specialists and most of our technical consultants are Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Troubleshooting - Consultants on call
Not all of the work we undertake is part of a new system installation.  Our team can undertake site audits and are available to trouble shoot existing Microsoft CRM installations.  We will attend your site or work remotely to correct problems and help you develop your CRM system.

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