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As you look around your office today, you know that things could be done in more efficient ways.  Implementing an effective CRM solution can help you improve this situation in many ways.  Microsoft CRM has been designed to work the way your staff do, so it is easy to adopt and can help you build and maintain your corporate database, efficiently tracking activities and sharing information with other members of your team.  Here are just a few of the ways a Microsoft CRM system can help you work more efficiently.  If you have issues like these why not discuss them with our sales team?

Stop losing work by losing track
One of the most frustrating ways of losing new business is simply by losing track of leads and opportunities and service requests.  You can lose potential business just because its often hard to keep up with things.   Implementing Microsoft CRM can ensure that information about new leads is captured and tracked in a way that is consistent and easily reviewed.  With less potential business leaking from your pipeline you should have happier sales staff and a less stressed marketing team!.

Maximize adoption
Microsoft CRM is normally deployed as a natural part of Microsoft Outlook extending the features of this key business tool.  Using familiar form means the system is easy to learn to use.  Simply clicking the 'Track in CRM' button on contacts, appointments, tasks and emails ensures the record becomes part of your clients history in the CRM system and is shared with other users.   By choosing Microsoft CRM you can help keep the costs of learning a new system to a minimum and encourage good adoption rates.

In some cases the Microsoft CRM Web client may be a more appropriate way to access the system.  This is great for users on very low bandwidth connections.

All of the CRM forms in Microsoft CRM have the Microsoft Office Style form assistant which is used to simplify many data entry tasks.

Save Time collating Management Information
You almost certainly know what the key management information is that you need to make effective business decisions, in many organisations collecting and collating this information every month is both a time consuming and an error prone process.  By coordinating your activities using Microsoft CRM across your sales, marketing or service business you can save a lot of this time.  Not only can management information be readily accessed in an ad-hoc way but for a one off investment of time a standard report can be developed to deliver you management information in your preferred format whenever you need it.  More information on management information.

Compete by recording and sharing competitor information
You know who your competitors are, but perhaps you don't how much you lose to them? and perhaps some staff are better informed about competitors than others?  The Competitor Library in Microsoft CRM makes it possible for your staff to both collect and publish information about your competitors.  With access to information about their strengths and weaknesses your team will be better informed and your management and marketing team will be able to view easily how much business the company won or lost in the face of your competitors.

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