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Managing and scheduling the delivery of services can quickly become a very complex task.  With the functionality available in Microsoft CRM you can now stay in control and utilize your resources in an effective manner.

Sell and Scheduling Services
With Microsoft CRM 4.0 you can sell and schedule services to your customers. Services are anything that your company offers to customers, which require either a person, equipment, facility, or some combination of the three to fulfil the service. You can create complex rules to determine the combination of resources required, including calculating the capacity of a facility or the experience of a person.

Manage the availability of resources
To help manage your resources, you can create working schedules for them, including time off and holidays.

Scheduling Services
You can schedule the services with resources and customers. These commitments are created and tracked in Microsoft CRM as service activities. When a customer requests a service, you can use Microsoft CRM to find the next available service activity or a service activity that fits the customer's needs.

Staff Commitments are Quickly Reviewed
You can view all your resource schedules and manage service activities in the Service Calendar. You can also create service activities related to cases and create workflow rules for them.


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