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Your customer service team are one of the most important parts of your business that your customers are in contact with.  By implementing Customer Management as a core part of your Microsoft CRM application rather than as a stand alone application you can improve the flow of information in your organisation and provide your service representatives with easy to use tools to help organise their daily workload.

Improve Case Management
By tracking customer requests using Microsoft CRM cases (tickets) you can keep your service activities well organised, as with all Microsoft CRM forms the fields on these screens can be tailored to reflect your business needs.  With clear ownership and organisation in queues, cases don't get lost and can be tracked through every stage of there progress. Built-in reports for example make identifying neglected cases an easy task for your service management team.

Manage Service Levels & Contracts
Straight out of the box Microsoft CRM understands that you offer differing service levels and that these are specified by the contracts you have in place with your clients.  This built in structure ensures that you can keep track of your activities and ensure that you are paid correctly for the service your team delivers.  Microsoft CRM can manage many different forms of service level agreements (Incident, Time etc).

Serve customers faster and more effectively
By providing your Customer Service team with the facilities of Microsoft CRM to organise their case work load and quickly access relevant information your team will be able to service your clients requests more efficiently.   The built in Knowledgebase provides an invaluable resource where your organisation can build up its its own library of draft and approved Articles detailing previous solutions to common issues and enquiries.  When solving cases for your clients this resource can be searched and the best solution quickly forwarded to your client.

Simplify Processes using Workflow
By utilising the built in workflow capabilities of Microsoft CRM your business workflow can be automated saving time and reducing the occasions when processes are not followed.  This functionality can for example implement auto-escalation of neglected cases helping you ensure service contract commitments are met.

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