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To travel any route successfully you must be able to see where you've been... and have a good indication of where you may be going, in-fact you need good information.  For the managers of your business the ability to access good quality information about what is happening in your business and what might happen can significantly improve the decision making of your team.

A well thought out CRM system can inform your management teams at each level of your organisation.  Microsoft CRM enables your managers to obtain the information you need in several ways.  Outlined below are examples of different types of reporting that are possible, from the simplest that everyone will use, to the most concentrated information that any Chief Executive might demand.

Ad-hoc Reporting in Excel
Staff at every level of your team are used to the facilities of Microsoft Office and many will frequently use Microsoft Excel as a part of their every day work.  The simplest way to create many quick reports from Microsoft CRM is to simply click the Excel button and transfer a list into Microsoft Excel.  This simple action enables the creation of powerful Pivot tables as well as simple lists that are dynamic and fully observe the security of access to the information that your system provides.

Built in reporting
Within the Microsoft CRM there are many built in reports, these offer the most commonly required summaries of the different types of information held in Microsoft CRM.  For example, your customer service manger can use the built reports to understand case workloads.

Extended SQL Reporting Services
Microsoft CRM 4.0 reporting is built using SQL Server Reporting Services these provide a rich tool for the creation of management reports from your CRM database.  SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports.  To help improve the flow of information in your business reports can be scheduled automatically and distributed by email to staff at the due date or time.

These additional reports can be provided for you as a part of the implementation of your system or if your IT staff are familiar with SQL reporting, services can be developed by your own team.

Executive Dashboards
Dashboards provide fast access to the most important management information about your business.  If you've clearly identified business KPI's that can be derived from the activity within your CRM, (and other systems)  we can build you an executive dashboard to be incorporated in your CRM system.  These are most commonly created by the integration of elements of Microsoft SharePoint.

Business Balanced Scorecard
If your business has adopted (or would like to adopt) the Business Balanced Scorecard approach of Kaplan and Norton to alignment of your business strategic objectives with the measured performance of your business, then implementation of the Microsoft Balanced Scorecard is an excellent way to present and track the key factors that are driving your business.  By working with a specialist partner CABC can help with both the technical aspects of the implementation and if required can help you design a Balanced Scorecard to suit your business and reflect your strategic objectives.



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