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Competitive business environments demand that businesses have an excellent understanding of how their sales pipeline is developing and changing.  With better (more complete and easy to access) sales forecasts organisations can more effectively manage business risks and grow their sales by identifying and tracking sales opportunities.  Microsoft CRM provides facilities to develop both ad-hock forecasts in Excel and corporate format reporting.  With such powerful reporting options your staff will be spending more time selling and less time compiling management reports.

Separate Leads from Opportunities
Microsoft CRM is designed to separate leads (unqualified enquiries) from opportunities, this enables Marketing to track efficiently new enquiries and for sales to to develop the best into clearly defined opportunities.  With built in campaign tacking each lead/opportunity can be traced to the originating campaign for clear marketing ROI analysis.

Build opportunity/quote/order pipelines

Because Microsoft CRM tracks more stages of the sales/order process than many other CRM packages, it is possible to get different views of your pipeline at different stages of the sales process.

Starting at the point an opportunity is first identified, each potential sale may be tracked through a number of distinct , sales stages (designed to follow the way your business works). 

Each opportunity may also be associated with several Quotations or Quote revisions and tracked through to both the Order and Invoice stages.  As a result each part of the system Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice offers the possibility of a different insight into your business pipeline.


Forecast and pivot to Excel
Microsoft CRM offers powerful and simple export of data into Microsoft Excel pivot tables, since these tables can be created in just a few clicks, it is possible to very quickly gain insights into your sales pipeline using the power of the pivot table to 'slice and dice' your pipeline in a way that is already familiar to most  sales managers.  Of course this facility fully observes the security model of your system ensuring each user has only the information they are authorised to access.

Forecast using to SQL Reporting
Monthly reporting and reporting in corporate layouts can be incorporated using the powerful facilities of SQL Reporting Services.  These reports can be made accessible on demand as a part of your system or scheduled for regular delivery to key staff.



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